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When you support CCBC you are making a difference!

CCBC students aspire to do many things. We make it our mission to provide them with the support, preparation and experiences that take them where they want to go and often far beyond where they may have imagined.

Support we receive from public and private grants, along with gifts and pledges received from generous organizations, companies and individuals are a testament to the important work we do, the communities we serve, and the lives we change.

Our impact on Student Success

Each of CCBC’s nearly 70,000 students has a unique view of success. For one student, it means walking across the commencement stage, diploma in hand. For another, it involves earning a workplace certification that could lead to a new or better job. Simply finding the resources to pay next semester’s tuition is a victory from yet another student’s perspective. CCBC supports each effort and values every success. Each year, more than 17,000 individuals complete their goals at CCBC, earning degrees and certificates, valuable workplace certifications, and transferring -- often on scholarship -- to four-year colleges and universities. Helping students reach their education and career goals is what we do, it’s who we are.

Our impact on Teaching and Learning Excellence

CCBC faculty and staff expect students to work hard, do their best and make each day count. How could they require any less from themselves? This ongoing pursuit of excellence means keeping up with the latest research in subject content and best practices in teaching methods. Finding ways to engage students and cultivate corporate partnerships. Working to provide a superior learning environment and a rewarding teaching experience. CCBC knows that when teaching is at its best, learning is even better.

Our impact on Organizational Excellence

Growth can’t always be gauged in terms of distance, weight or even student headcount. That doesn’t mean those areas of progress aren’t of value. Aspiring to higher levels of service, generosity, innovation and integrity won’t show up on a balance sheet or enrollment report. But those intangibles are what make students feel supported, employees valued, and visitors welcomed. Those attributes are also what sets CCBC apart in the eyes of government and business partners as well as donors and funding organizations.

Our impact on Community Engagement

We haven't forgotten our roots. Or our mandate.

From its beginning as three grassroots institutions more than half a century ago, CCBC has been a mainstay for residents of Baltimore County -- and beyond. The long-standing commitment of individuals, families, businesses, schools and charitable organizations to our success is matched only by our commitment to them. In addition to being the academic institution of choice for tens of thousands of our neighbors, CCBC aspires to remain a vital educational, cultural, recreational and economic resource for the communities we serve.

Our impact from a Student and Job Growth Perspective

Students enjoy an attractive 15% rate of return on their CCBC educational investment. Over the course of their careers, CCBC students average a $3.50 increase in earnings for every dollar invested in their education. Over the course of their working career, the average CCBC student’s lifetime earnings will increase $3.50 for every dollar invested in their CCBC education. Over the course of a working lifetime, associate degree graduates in Baltimore County earn nearly $400,000 more than someone with a high school diploma. The average annual income of the typical associate degree graduate in Baltimore County at the midpoint of their career is $47,500 - 35% more than someone with a high school diploma.

Our impact from a Social and Taxpayer Perspective

State and local taxpayers earn a 9.1% rate of return on their investment in CCBC. For every dollar CCBC receives from state and local governments, taxpayers will see a return with a cumulative added value of $2.20 in the form of higher tax revenues and avoided social costs. CCBC’s student population will generate social savings to the Maryland public equal to $7.3 million a year. Absent CCBC, taxes would actually have to be raised in order to maintain services in all other sectors at their current levels. Higher student income and associated effects on business productivity add $146.2 million in income annually to the state economy. An estimated 95-97% of CCBC students remain in Maryland and contribute to economic growth. Higher student earnings and associated increases in property income generate about $15.2 million in added tax revenue each year.

Invest in CCBC

An investment in CCBC, pays back our students, local residents, business, government and communities - for a lifetime!

CCBC is an incredible investment that:
  • Lowers crime
  • Lowers unemployment
  • Decreases welfare dependency
  • Reduces medical costs
  • Reduces demand for social services

CCBC is more than an incredible value. We are an agent of transformation in our region and state.

What we do:
  • Create jobs
  • Increase income
  • Increase worker productivity
  • Improve health outcomes
  • Generate tax revenue

Give to CCBC today and help us transform the lives of our students and our regional economy.