About the CCBC Honors Program

We promote academic excellence in students who are both highly motivated and intellectually curious. Distinguished by their willingness to question the “givens” of life, honors students thrive in CCBC’s specially designated honors courses and learning communities.

Benefits of joining the program:

  • Scholarship opportunities: Honors students receive at least one scholarship each semester provided they register for honors courses and earn a 3.5 semester GPA.
  • Faculty mentor for each student in the program.
  • Smaller class size (limited to 17 students).
  • Honors-sponsored social and cultural events throughout the year.
  • Special recognition at graduation.
  • Guaranteed admission to twelve area colleges and universities.
  • Student access to the Honors Center and designated honors study space.

If you consider yourself a critical thinker, a close reader, and a clear writer, or want to become one, the Honors Program is probably for you!

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