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Grants Development

This vital college resource assists faculty and staff in securing grant funds that will provide new learning opportunities for students and will assist them in being more successful academically.

For over 10 years, the staff of the Office of Grants Development has been privileged to bring a wide variety of funding to the college, including significant funding from such federal agencies as the National Science Foundation, the U.S. Department of Labor, the U.S. Department of Education, the National Endowment for the Arts, and NOAA. Grants office staff members have also successfully solicited funding from many Maryland state agencies.

Grant highlights

School of Business, Technology and Law

Maryland Department of Labor Employment Advancement Right Now (EARN):
Cybersecurity Education and Certification (CEC) Program
Grant Award: $107,000 for one year

CCBC was awarded $107,000 to work with eight business partners in the cybersecurity industry including: Edwards Performance Solutions, Exelon, Point3 Security, PSA/Insurance, SecuLore Solutions, First Financial, MECU, and Skyline Technology Solutions. The resulting project advanced the skills of the Baltimore Region’s cybersecurity workforce, increasing sustainable employment for working families throughout the region.

A Strategic Industry Partnership (SIP) provided oversight in the creation of curriculum and training to meet the hiring needs of Maryland’s Cybersecurity and Information Technology industries. These efforts were designed to bridge the gap between the skills of Maryland jobseekers and the skills required of Maryland’s cybersecurity employers. The SIP identified the need for training in soft-skills along with the specific skills in cybersecurity and developed interventions necessary to prepare the hard-to-serve job seekers for success in their internships and employment in the industry.

The project developed two tracks of Accelerated Stacked Credentials (ASC), including the Department of Defense 8570 certification track which provided the certifications necessary to work on government networks. Participants were mentored by a representative from one of the eight business partners in the SIP. The business partners also provided internships for selected individuals.

School of Continuing Education - Maintenance/Hospitality

Maryland Department of Labor Employment Advancement Right Now (EARN):
Building Maintenance for Apartment/Multi-housing and Hospitality/Lodging
Award Amount: $150,000 over a one-year project period

The Community College of Baltimore County’s (CCBC’s) Apartment/Multifamily and Hotel/Lodging Maintenance (AMHLM) program created an industry-led partnership to advance the skills of the Baltimore Region’s workforce and increase sustainable employment. The project was planned and managed by a Strategic Industry Partnership (SIP) consisting of industry employers, CCBC training instructors and administrators, and the Baltimore County Department of Employment and Workforce Development (DEWD). The SIP business partners provided oversight in the creation of curriculum and training to meet the hiring needs of local employers. These efforts were designed to bridge the gap between the skills of Maryland jobseekers and the skills required by these employers.

The courses met the Residential Property and Hospitality Management industry needs for comprehensive training programs to create a quality pipeline supply for Apartment Maintenance Technicians, Senior Citizen Building Maintenance Technicians, Hotel Maintenance Technicians, and Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVCAR) Technicians who are trained to nationally accepted standards. Incumbent worker training addressed identified skills HVCAR gaps and provided course completers with a transportable industry license/credential.

Project participants also received comprehensive wrap-around services such as tutoring, advising, counseling, and human services referrals through project staff, the CCBC’s Student Support Services, the Baltimore County Workforce Investment Board, and One Stop Career Center.

School Continuing Education - Health

Maryland Department of Labor Employment Advancement Right Now (EARN):
Health IT Program
Grant Award: $89,457 over two years

This CCBC program was developed with support in the amount of $89,457 three Health IT training modules: Project Management, Instructional Design & Training, and Security. LifeBridge Health, University of Maryland Medical System, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Upper Chesapeake Health, and Software Consortium recruited and screened employee participants for six consortiums. Ninety-one students enrolled with 91% completing the courses.

In addition, EARN funding piloted an entry-level Systems Analyst Internship training module, which had 11 students registered. Six completed the module and one has obtained a position in Health IT.

The project was developed in response to strong demand for Health IT Project Management and Health IT Security & Privacy Training Modules. Demands upon the Health IT industry remain varied and intense, including complexity of the work and jobs, budgetary pressures, and heightened concerns for security and privacy. Grant funds supported key skills enhancements for grant business partners, and improved student recruitment, program design, identification of subject matter experts, and quality improvement.

School of Mathematics and Science

National Science Foundation Scholarships in:
Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (S-STEM); Math Acceleration for STEM Students (MASS)
Grant Award: $998,375 over four years

CCBC’s Math Acceleration for STEM Students (MASS) program seeks to provide educational opportunities to low-income, academically talented students in STEM studies. The program will reach out to students studying Math and Science and provide scholarships and support services to increase the number of students ready to start careers in STEM or continue to advanced studies.

The objectives are to recruit, enroll, and/or transfer increased numbers of STEM students; develop a community support system of students and faculty in these areas to encourage social and academic interaction; and strengthen ties with local industry and four-year institutions to ease transfer from CCBC to employment and/or continued education.

Student Support Specialists (SSS) implemented cohort meetings, field trips, and individual guidance for participants. Surveys reveal that 80% of students felt the SSSs foster a sense of community within the cohort and/or helped them to build confidence. Focus groups indicated students especially appreciated the opportunity to talk to SSSs about their academic future. Partnerships have been formed with 20 local businesses willing to provide internships, including those with Lockheed Martin and MedTech.


On April 10, 2020, the Community College of Baltimore County (CCBC) received $9.2 million dollars through the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund (HEERF) Education Stabilization Fund.

CCBC intends to use the funding to provide emergency financial aid grants to students; cover the costs of providing technology hardware and high-speed internet to students and faculty to transition to the online environment; fund campus safety and operations, and cover losses incurred during this time.