Temporary service adjustments

Electron micrograph of a coronavirusIn alignment with COVID-19 safety precautions, some of the services and information described on this page may have temporarily changed. CCBC students are encouraged to use virtual tutoring and academic coaching.

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Working through academic challenges

When faced with academic challenges, here are some strategies that may help:
  1. Contact your instructor and arrange to meet to discuss your situation.
  2. Explain the problem briefly. Focus on what you might be able to do to change the situation.
  3. Arrange for tutoring services 
  4. Speak to an advisor or counselor who can help you assess the source of the challenge, locate assistance, and plan for success.
  5. Consider auditing or dropping the class, but don’t forget to:
    • Check with the Financial Aid Office to see how this may affect your aid status.
    • Consult the Academic Calendar for deadlines and penalties.
  6. If you do decide to drop the course, complete the “Add/Drop” form at the Enrollment Services Center.
There are many resources to help you to be successful. It is never too early to ask for assistance!