Printing Resources for Students

Every currently enrolled student is provided a set dollar amount on their OneCard for printing.

Funds are deposited on the first day of each semester for credit students or the start of a course for non-credit continuing education students. You can use printing funds at any computer across the college or from personal devices when printing to designated student printing locations.

Print Credit

You will receive the following dollar amounts on your OneCard listed under Print Credit based on the number of billable hours or contact hours you are taking at CCBC.

  • $1.50 for every billable hour
  • $.10 for every contact hour (Continuing Education)
Used all your free allocated print funds? Add funds to your OneCard account or utilize one of the Pay Stations located within each library at Catonsville, Dundalk, and Essex, as well as room 606 at Owings Mills, room 131 at Hunt Valley, and in the lobby at Randallstown.

Single sided printing:
  • $.10/page – black and white
  • $.40/page – color
Double-sided printing:
  • $.15/page – black and white
  • $.75/page – color



Barn (BARN)
  • Student lounge

Center for the Arts (ARTS)
  • 2nd floor open space

Classroom and Laboratory Building (CLLB)
  • By the Junction, open space

Library (LIBR)
  • 1st floor open space
  • Student Success Center, room 100
  • Room 224 (copier room)
  • Outside room 205 (study room)
  • Outside rooms 212 and 213
  • Outside room 324

Mathematics & Science Hall (MASH)
  • Lower Level open space


College Community Center (COMM)
  • Library, 1st floor
  • Library, room 101
  • Student lounge
  • Student Success Center, room 121


Arts & Humanities Hall (AHUM)
  • Writing Center, room 219

Business, Education & Social Sciences Hall (BESS)
  • 1st floor lobby entrance

James A. Newpher Library (LIBR)
  • 1st floor
  • 2nd floor – room 212

Mathematics & Science Hall (MASH)
  • Cyber Café

Robert and Eleanor Romadka College Center (ROMA)
  • Lower level, next to box office
  • Cafeteria

Student Services Center (SSRV)
  • Lower level, by the front entrance
  • Student Success Center, room 203

CCBC Extension Centers

Owings Mills
  • Room 606
Hunt Valley
  • Room 131
  • Front lobby