CCBC and APU Transfer Agreements

About American Public University

American Public University (APU) is a private online learning institution which has been around since 1991. The University is located 4 miles from the White House in North West Washington D.C. American Public University stresses community in which faculty, staff and students communicate and work with people from around the world and across the United States.

There are many opportunities for students to participate in research in the Health Sciences at American Public University. APU is considered a diverse student body representing over 50 states and 123 countries. APU is dedicated to collaborating with many students from other institutions, and honing their perspectives to make change around the world.

General transfer information

Students can transfer in a maximum of 90 credits, including credits earned through prior learning assessment(s) such as Advance Placement (AP), College-Level Examination Program (CLEP), and DSST (formerly DANTES Subject Standardized Tests). Learn more»

APUS also grants credit for a vast array of work experience and training. The Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) program provides an opportunity to earn credit for learning outside the confines of a traditional classroom.  Learn more»

Students intending to transfer should complete the admission application for American Public University System following the third semester of their associate degree program.

Transfer Partnership

Education Discount

CCBC Degree APU Benefit
Degree not required
  • APUS will extend an undergraduate book grant to students, as applicable. 
  • APUS will waive any technology fee incurred by incoming transfer students who completed a CCBC degree before transferring to APUS.
If a student has not earned their associate degree before transferring to APUS, it is possible to transfer credits from APUS back to CCBC to earn a degree from CCBC. If you are interested in Reverse Transfer, send an email to

Learn more about this partnership»

Articulation Agreements

CCBC Degree APU Degree Agreement
Accounting (A.A.S.) Accounting (B.S.) View agreement
Business Administration (A.A.) Business Administration (B.B.A.) View agreement
Business Administration (A.A.) Management (B.A.) View agreement
Criminal Justice Studies (A.A.S.) Criminal Justice (B.A.) View agreement
Cybersecurity (A.A.S.) Cybersecurity (B.S.) View agreement
Health Informatics and Information Technology (A.A.S.) Health Information Management (B.S.) View agreement
Legal Studies (A.A.S.) Legal Studies (B.S.) View agreement
Nursing (A.S.)
Nursing (B.S.)
View agreement
Psychology, Humanities and Social Sciences Area of Concentration (A.A.)
Psychology (B.A.)
View agreement
Sports Management, Humanities and Social Sciences Area of Concentration (A.A.)
Sports Management (B.S.)
View agreement
Transportation, Distribution, and Maritime Logistics (A.A.S.)
Transportation and Logistics Management (B.S.)
View agreement