CCBC OneCard: Campus life just got a lot easier

Download your CCBC OneCard Student ID today by searching “OneCard Mobile” in the App Store or Google Play!

It’s more than just a standard I.D Card. With the CCBC OneCard you can:
  • Buy food at campus cafeterias and coffee shops.
  • Take advantage of rewards when you purchase a pre-paid meal plan.
  • Buy books and materials at the CCBC bookstore using your Financial Aid.
  • Check out Library materials.
  • Buy snacks and drinks from most campus vending machines.
  • Sign in at Advising.
  • Student printing is available. Pay for printing and copies on campus.
  • Earn CCBC Incentives by signing up early for a Nelnet Payment plan. (Fall and Spring terms.)
  • Parent/Third Party Portal-Load funds to a student’s OneCard for books, meals or printing. Must have the student’s ID number.
  • Check in at CCBC Events.
  • Ride the CCBC Shuttle.
Continue to check your email and the CCBC website for important announcements about the CCBC OneCard.

How does it work?

You or another authorized user can add money to spend on campus.
  • Transfer directly from a bank account or credit card online
  • Or add money in cash at the Bursar’s office

You can use the CCBC OneCard app for added convenience
  • Track your spending
  • Add money
  • Access your virtual card through and use it just like an actual card.

Sounds great. How do I get one?

1. If you already have a current CCBC Photo ID

Download the CCBC OneCard mobile app from the App Store or Google Play.

Sign in to the app using your CCBC Student ID number as directed.

  1. Open the OneCard mobile app and and enter “CCBC” for the school name.
  2. Tap to select the URL, tap “Next.”
  3. The app will confirm your URL, tap “Next” again.
  4. The app will confirm your configuration, tap “Next.”
  5. Select “Username” and tap “Next” to be prompted to enter your CCBC login (the same you use for other CCBC services, such as SIMON and Brightspace)

2. If you do not have a current CCBC Photo ID, upload an ID photo

  1. Download the CCBC OneCard mobile app. Lean how to install the app »
  2. Go to "Manage Account".
  3. Tap "Account Control" (bottom center).
  4. Tap "Photo Submit". You will receive an email when you photo has been reviewed.

Note: If you have a current CCBC photo ID, you will not be able to upload a picture.

3. Pick up your CCBC OneCard

You can use the app as your CCBC OneCard, but if you want a physical card, go to any campus Enrollment Services Center on or after January 17 to pick yours up.