Military Experience

You may already have the knowledge and skills required for college credit.

At CCBC, we realize that many students arrive to us already having gained college level learning in a subject area and mastered the content of certain courses. CCBC Credit by Military Experience is a way of assessing and articulating Prior Learning credits for CCBC accepted military courses, training, or work experiences that have been evaluated and recommended for college credit. Faculty Evaluators have reviewed military transcripts, ACE recommendations, and other documents to identify recommended college credits.

Credit by Military Experience @ CCBC helps you:

  • Save Time - Accelerate your degree program by moving directly into higher-level courses
  • Save Money - Minimize the rising cost of higher education
  • Move Ahead - Place into the right classes and avoid repeating material that you’ve already learned
  • Graduate on Time - Complete your degree program if you’re a few credits shy of graduation

Get Started with Credit by Military Training or Experience

  1. Send official JST, CCAF, ACE, or other official organizational military learning transcript/scores to:

    Registrar’s Office 
    7201 Rossville Blvd.
    Baltimore, MD 21237
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  2. Notify the CCBC Subject Matter Faculty Expert (SMFE), Academic Advisor, or email that you are requesting that your JST be evaluated for courses that apply to your major. Browse majors and required courses in the CCBC Catalog
  3. If it has been 4 weeks since the College received your transcript/scores, and you have not received the results of the PLA request, you may pick up a “Request for Transcript Re-Evaluation” two-part carbon form from Academic Advising, the PLA Office, or Enrollment Services and submit it to the Registrar’s Office.

    When submitting the Request for Transcript Re-Evaluation, be sure to specify which Military Course title and ACE number you are attempting to transfer into CCBC. For example, Criminal Investigation: ARMY 17280027v1 05/70-12/48. You can get this information directly off of your JST.
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Types of Approved PLA Credit by Military Experience @ CCBC

  • Aviation,
  • Business,
  • Communication,
  • Computers,
  • Criminal Justice,
  • Management,
  • Physical Education,
  • Transportation/Logistics Maritime,
  • Wellness, and more!