Performing Arts and Humanities at CCBC

The study of the Performing Arts and Humanities provides students with the knowledge and skills to succeed both personally and professionally. Students learn to:
  • Think critically and solve problems.
  • Think creatively.
  • Work collaboratively as well as independently.
  • Value a historical perspective.
  • Understand the world and other people more broadly.
Our students develop skills and techniques that can be used to live well and make a positive impact on our world.



The CCBC Dance Program provides students with opportunities to experience and learn about a broad spectrum of dance. Whether they are Dance majors or studying Dance for personal enrichment, we offer all students a solid program of dance technique, creative courses, performance opportunities, and strong dance academics.

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CCBC’s nationally accredited Music Program offers two transferable degrees, which are geared for students who wish to transfer to a four-year college or university music program. We also offer a certificate in Music Production and Audio Recording Technology as well as a wide range of electives for any student with an interest in music.

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CCBC Philosophy students study the greatest thinkers in human history. They learn to question all assumptions and to think objectively in the pursuit of truth, and they explore the history of ideas and how these ideas have shaped the world we live in today.

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The Theatre Program at CCBC is designed to provide curricular opportunities for students who wish to pursue further academic study in theatre, students who wish to pursue a career in professional theatre, non-theatre students who wish to take theatre arts electives, and community members who wish to enhance their understanding and appreciation of the theatre.

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