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Food and Beverage Industry

Working in the food and beverage industry and ready to move into a supervisory or management position?

Food Truck Operator

Start a food truck business in Maryland. Learn the pros and cons of operating such a business. Develop your concept plan, conduct market research, plan your menus and serving style. Prepare your business plan, cost of goods, expenses, insurance. licensing, permits. As part of this program, students may become ServSafe ® Manager certified upon successful completion of the in-class exam.

To receive this certificate you must complete:

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ManageFirst® Professional Series

The Manage First® Professional Certification, a credential from the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation, is a great program where you can learn the skills you need to be successful leader in the food and beverage industry.

To receive this certification you must complete:
  • HSL 059 ManageFirst® Controlling food Service Costs*
  • HSL 057 ManageFirst® Hospitality and Restaurant Management*
  • HSL 038 ManageFirst® Human Resource Management*
  • HSL 016 ServSafe® Food Safety Manager Training*
Plus Choose 1 or more of these electives:
  • HSL 040 ManageFirst® Customer Service Certificate*
  • HSL 058 ManageFirst® Principles of Food and Beverage Management*
Provide proof of 800 hours of work experience in the food industry

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*Student will receive a Certificate from CCBC and the National Restaurant Educational Foundation for each individual class as well as for the ManageFirst® Professional Certification.

Professional Bartending & Mixology

Mix up a new career as a bartender

Start an exciting career as a bartender. Learn what it takes for you to successfully bar-tend and be a stand-out in this high growth career area. Earn the T.I.P.S.(Training for Intervention Procedures) as you practice the art of mixology in our industry-standard classroom bars.

Must be 21 years of age or older on the first day of class. All materials included.

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Training for Intervention Procedures (TIPS®)

Prepare for the certification of Training Intervention Procedures (T.I.P.S.).

This one-day/one-session course, offered at CCBC Owings Mills during fall, winter spring and summer sessions will get you TIPS certified for 4 years. 

- Minimum age requirement: 21