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On-Site and Online 

On-site and online classes allow kids to learn, grow and have fun on campus or from home.

Staying close to home is the new norm, but that doesn't mean kids have to stop learning or having fun. Our CCBCKids@Home program provides great classes for children of all ages so they can learn and have fun, no matter where they are. 

This summer the Kids@CCBC Summer classes program is also adding on-site classes while adhering to social distancing and all other safety precautions.

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Available Courses

Academics and Languages

Summer 2021:

Academic Writing for High School  (Ages 14-17) On-site

Algebra 1 Tutorial (Ages 12-16) Zoom or On-site

Algebra 2 Tutorial (Ages 14-17) On-site

Anatomy, Body and CPR (Ages 12-16) On-site

Chess for Beginners (AM classes: Ages 7-11) (PM classes: Ages 12-15) On-site

Chess for Intermediates (AM classes: Ages 7-11) (PM classes: Ages 12-15) On-site

Cool Math For Kids (Ages 7-19) On-site

Geometry Preview (Ages 14-17) Zoom or In-Person

Introduction to Pre-Algebra (Ages 10-11) Zoom or On-site

Journalism for Young Writers (Ages 11-17) Zoom  

Middle School Math Attack (Ages 12-13) Zoom or On-site

Organizational and Study Skills for Students (AM classes: Ages 7-10) (PM classes: Ages 12-13) (August class: Ages 14-17) On-site

Pre-Algebra Preview (Ages 11-13) Zoom  

SAT Test Prep (Ages 14-17) On-site

Write and Publish Your Work Effectively (Ages 16 & up) Zoom 

Young Investors Club (Ages 12-16) On-site

Cooking, Crafts and Creativity

Summer 2021:

Art: Cartooning (Ages 7-11)  On-site

Children's Summer Art Studio (Ages 7-11) On-site

Cooking Camp: Authentic Mexican (AM class Ages: 8-11) (PM class Ages: 12-16) Zoom

Crafts and Conversational Spanish (Ages 12-14) On-site

Grow a Pasta and Pizza Garden (AM classes Ages: 7-11) (PM classes Ages: 12-15) On-site

Grow Flowers and Succulents and More (AM classes Ages: 7-11) (PM classes Ages: 12-15) On-site

Homemade Pasta and Sauces (AM class Ages: 8-11) (PM class Ages: 12-16) Zoom

Kids Baking (AM class Ages: 8-11) (PM class Ages: 12-16) Zoom

Lettuce Grow a Taco Garden (AM classes Ages: 7-11) (PM class Ages: 12-15) On-site

Parents & Kids Storming the Kitchen (AM class Ages: 8-11) (PM class Ages: 10-13) Zoom

Fitness and Wellness

Spring 2021:

Babysitter’s Training  Zoom

Summer 2021:

Beginning Tennis  On-site

Junior Golf  On-site

Self Defense for Young People  On-site


Summer 2021: All classes on ZOOM unless On-site indicated (two On-site classes)

Check the age on each class listed. Click on the course name and when on the classes page, click on the arrow to expand each class and see ages.

3D Game Labs with Unity  

Action Figure 101 On-site

Action Figure Making

App Attack! Make Your First Game App

App.IO: Make Your First Multiplayer App!

Battle Royale: Make Your First Fortnite® Style Video Game

Code Breakers

Code Your Own Adventure! Interactive Storytelling

Gadgets, Gizmos and Inventions  On-site

Inventor’s League - Prototyping for the Future

JavaScript Developer Jam

Make Your First Videogame

Minecraft Animators

Minecraft Designers

Minecraft Modders

Minecraft® Redstone Engineers

Pokémon® Masters: Designers and 3D Makers Unite

Python Programmers: Make Your Own Multiplayer Game!

ROBLOX® Makers

ROBLOX® Makers-Coders-Entrepreneurs

Rocket Kart Racers: Design A Mario Kart® Style Game

Video Game Animation

Virtual Reality: The Future is Now

Visual and Performing Arts

Summer 2021:

Acting Club (Ages 9-13) Zoom

Ballet (Ages 9-13) Zoom

Broadway Dance (Ages 9-13) Zoom

Child's Piano Class (Ages 7-11) On-site

Clay for Kids and Teens (AM classes Ages 7-11) (PM class Ages 12-16) On-site

Everybody Sing (Ages 7-11) On-site

Focus On Acting (Ages 12-16) On-site

Fundamentals of Sculpting (AM class Ages 7-11) (PM class Ages 12-16) Zoom

Guitar Jam (Ages 12-16) On-site

Hip Hop to Hamilton (Ages 9-14) Zoom

Japanese Anime and Manga (Ages 12-16) On-site

Murder Mystery Class (Ages 12-15) On-site

Photography (Ages 12-16) On-site

Pop Dance Video (AM July class Ages 7-11) (PM August class Ages 12-16) On-site

Sculpting for Character Design (Ages 12-16) On-site

Theatre Games (Ages 7-11) On-site

Writing and Acting Scenes (Ages 11-14) Zoom

Young Authors Storybook (Ages 7-11) On-site

Youth PoWORD Up: Poetry Slam! (Ages 12-16) On-site