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Senior Courses in Photography

Explore the world of digital photography and the many exciting opportunities for enhancing your photos through software applications.

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Art in Photography Senior
Put the WOW into your photos! Learn how to take photographs with composition awareness and creativity to enhance your skills with such techniques as the rule of thirds, photojournalism eye, art elements, and principles of design.

Introduction to Digital Photography
Learn how to become confident in using your digital camera; the various symbols and buttons, loading organizing, printing, storing and sharing images. Prerequisite: Introduction to Digital Photography.

Digital Photograph Enhancement
Learn how to enhance, edit and touch-up digital photographic images as well as restore faded and torn photographs on the computer from free photo enhancing programs from Photoshop and free photo enhancing programs. Prerequisite: Introduction to Digital Photography.

Photography for Mobile Devices
Take good pictures with your Android or iPhone. Through hands-on practice learn the functions and features of your particular phone camera along with composition and framing, awareness and use of lighting, manipulating focus, photo editing and being able to think like a photographer.

Photography with Your Smartphone
Take, store, edit and share your photographs. Explore parts and features of your phone to take pictures and the basics of photography as a discipline.

Zen of Contemporary Photography
Learn to capture and share stunning photos more effectively on your smartphone.