• CCBC Senior Student painting a model in an art course

Senior Art Courses

Explore courses in painting, drawing, ceramics, crafts and art history.

Acrylic Painting for All
Learn to paint with acrylic paints whether you are a beginner or have some experience.

Acrylic Painting #2
After taking Basic Acrylic Painting and have some experience with acrylics, continue your instruction and learn to under paint with acrylic paint. 

Adventures with Watercolor
Enter the world of watercolors! Learn how to mix colors and paint with this wonderful medium in this introductory course. 

Art in Photography
Put the wow into your photos!

Basic Acrylic Painting
Learn to create paintings using acrylics. 

Basic Acrylic Painting Part 2
Advance your acrylic artistry with more advanced techniques. 

Behind the Photo: Composition for Artists
Examine, interpret and analyze all aspects of a photo then re-create it into a meaningful painting. 

Bits and Pieces: Collage Work
Master the art of collage! 

Calligraphy: A Design Art of Writing
Awaken your inner calligrapher!

Citiscape in Ink and Watercolor
Take an art journey through Europe’s old cities.

Charcoal Drawing
Discover how to use charcoal drawing techniques in order to make delicate and sensitive drawings.

Creative Ways Using Color
Learn how to mix and match color for your own creative work in this day long workshop.

Dichroic Fused Glass Art
Developed between 1500 BC and 500 AD, and used by Romans and Egyptians. Learn about this ancient art form and work with it.

Drawing Class Level 1

Drawing Class Level 2

Drawing and Painting for the Senior Adult
Learn the basic techniques of various two-dimensional media.

Drawing for Beginners
Learn to use the basic drawing techniques in line, shape form, contour, value, perspective, spatial relationships, measurements and proportion rules while doing hands-on projects.

Drawing with Charcoal for All Levels 
Cultivate, explore and enrich your skills and appreciation for working in this ancient and diverse drawing medium. 

Fundamentals of Portrait Drawing
Create realistic facial features in pencil, charcoal and pastel, using the five concepts of ideal light and shadow. 

Fundamentals of Portrait Painting
Acquire basic and intermediate drawing and painting skills while being introduced to a variety of media. 

Intermediate Drawing
Use what you learned in Drawing for Beginners to produce more advanced drawings using materials such as pen/ink, charcoal, pastels and more. 

Introduction to Calligraphy
Experience the beautiful and artistic handwriting for creative invitations, business cards and announcements.

Introduction to Portrait Drawing with Pencil
Create a portrait drawing under expert guidance!

Introduction to Zentangle
Create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns called “tangles" made with a combination of dots, lines, simple curves and orbs using small pieces of paper called tiles.

Jewelry Making with Wire Work: Make Your Own Accessories

Making Beautiful and Fun Greeting Cards
Craft unique greeting cards!

Mechanical Pencil Drawing
Discover how to use mechanical pencil drawing techniques in order to make delicate and sensitive drawings. 

Mechanical Pencil Drawing and Charcoal Drawing Combined
Make delicate and sensitive drawings using the techniques of two similar forms of drawing, mechanical pencil and charcoal.

Oil Painting
Techniques such as painting, glazing with a knife, using limited palettes, how to compose your painting and more will be covered along with still life, landscape, and portrait oil painting.

Painting with Patterns: Experimenting with Watercolor on YUPO
Calling all intermediate and advanced watercolor artists: It's YUPO time!

Pastel Painting for all levels
Explore and experiment with the rich, versatile qualities of pastel painting. 

Portrait Drawing Level 1

Portrait Drawing Level 2

Portrait and Oil Painting Combo
Hone your drawing and painting skills with a variety of media in portrait and oil painting.

Realistic Painting in Pastel and Oil
Learn to create realistic subject matter in charcoal, pastel and oil since the techniques are the same.

Realism in Pastels and Oils Part 2
Master realistic art in charcoal, pastel and oil!

Solvent-free Oil Painting
Learn how to oil paint using non-toxic materials with the goal of completing at least one painting.

Tales Told Using Glass Art

Triple Combo Methods of Portrait Drawing
Explore three different methods of portraiture drawing:  The Loomis, the Reilly, and the Russian Methods.

Watercolor Painting-Beginners/Intermediate
Acquire basic and intermediate painting skills while being introduced to wash, dry brush and masking techniques.

Watercolor Painting-Intermediate/Advanced
Acquire intermediate and advanced painting skills using watercolors. 

Learn and practice the art of Zentangle: drawing of structured patterns in a non-representational form on small pieces of paper called tiles. 

Zentangle Together
With a basic understanding and practice of the Zentangle Method, expand your skills using a variety of techniques and materials.