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Business Pathway Programs

The Business Pathway focuses on career training for students interested in entering the workforce after graduation in the field of business.

While the primary focus of the programs in the Pathway is career training, the majors in the Pathway also transfer to four-year institutions for further study. In supporting our students’ desire for additional training and education, the programs in the Business Pathway has numerous articulation agreements with four-year colleges and universities throughout Maryland and out of state.

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Business Programs


The Accounting program includes Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) and Associate of Arts (A.A.) degree options for students interested in the field of accounting and finance. The A.A.S. degree is designed for students who are seeking immediate employment in career areas such as an accounting clerk or bookkeeper. Students in the A.A.S. degree program also have the option to transfer to complete a four year degree. The A.A. option is designed for students who plan to transfer immediately after completion of their two year degree to a four year program for a degree in Accounting, and is recommended for students interested in becoming Certified Public Accountants or Certified Management Accountants. The Accounting programs are accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP).

The Accounting Certificate is an 18-credit course of study designed for those students who would like to expand their technical knowledge of accounting and business. This certificate program is particularly beneficial for entrepreneurs, individuals who are looking to enhance their employability and students who are considering pursuing a two- or four-year degree. Some of the courses can be applied towards the Business Accounting Certificate, or a two-year degree in Accounting, Business Administration or Business Management.

The Business Accounting Certificate is a 33-credit program which prepares students for entry level positions in jobs such as accounting clerk, bookkeeper, payroll/receivables/billing payables clerk or assistant accountant. Students also receive training in managerial and tax applications. The application of microcomputers/software is a prominent program feature. All certificate courses may be applied to the A.A.S. degree in Accounting. Most Accounting and Business Accounting certificate courses can be transferred to a four-year institution.

Associate of Arts Associate of Applied Science Certificate Continuing Education Workforce Training Certificate

Business Administration

The Business Administration Associate of Arts degree prepares students to transfer immediately to a four-year business program. Business, finance, marketing and human resource management are topics covered in Business Administration. The program gives students an overview of many areas of business. Upper level courses are then completed at the transfer institution to round out a student’s business education. The program is designed to transfer to a wide variety of four-year institutions.

The Business Administration program is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (A.C.B.S.P.).

Associate of Arts

Business Management

The Business Management Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree is designed for students seeking employment in business and for those who are already employed and who wish to upgrade their skills. Students have the opportunity to explore a wide range of business topics and then expand on those that interest them. Students complete subject-interest classes and work toward being fully trained in their field at the end of their A.A.S. program. After completing the program and obtaining employment, students often elect to continue their education by working towards a bachelor’s degree at a four-year institution. The Business Management program is accredited by the ACBSP.

The Business Management program also maintains two certificate programs. The Entrepreneurship Certificate and the Human Resources Management Certificate offers 27 credits each of concentrated courses of study in these fields. The Entrepreneurship certificate focuses the curriculum around students interested in starting their own business. The Human Resources Management Certificate is designed for the student interested in receiving basic background for employment in the field of human resource management. All credits successfully completed in these programs may be applied toward the A.A.S. degree in Business Management.

Associate of Applied Science Certificate Continuing Education Workforce Training Certificate

General Studies

General Studies offers maximum flexibility for students who plan to pursue a bachelor’s degree upon graduation from CCBC or for whom a general studies degree best meets their academic goals or career. This program is especially appealing to students who wish to design their own course of study or who have accumulated a significant number of credits from other programs or colleges. Students acquire well-rounded skills to pursue a variety of academic disciplines and careers.

Associate of Arts

Hospitality and Tourism

From Hotel and Guest Service Agents to Casino Dealers to Restaurant Managers, the hospitality industry demands skill sets that may be used in a wide variety of occupations. CCBC offers training to help you launch your career in this growing field with any one of Maryland’s outstanding hospitality employers.

Continuing Education Workforce Training Certificate

Real Estate

You can have the potential to begin a lucrative career in the selling and marketing of homes in Maryland. We can make you ready to sit for the state exam and, upon successful completion, obtain a real estate license.

If appraisal is your career focus, our series of courses in Real Estate Appraisal cover the essentials as well as more in-depth analysis of appraisal practices and procedures. In addition, we offer courses in Appraisal License Renewal, a number of which offer continuing education hours toward your license renewal needs.

Continuing Education Workforce Training Certificate

Transportation, Distribution, and Maritime Logistics

Transportation, Distribution & Maritime Logistics (TDML) program provides students with an understanding of the handling and logistics of seaborne cargo. The program gives students an overview of customer service, transportation, purchasing, warehousing, materials handling, strategic planning, inventory control and forecasting. Students have the option of earning a 21-credit Certificate or Associate of Applied Science degree to enter the job market as entry-or mid-level employees or to continue their education toward a Bachelor’s degree.

Certificate Continuing Education Workforce Training Certificate

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