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Adults with learning differences and disabilities

For over 40 years, CCBC has been changing lives by providing classes and career options for adults with cognitive, developmental and mental health disabilities through the Center for Alternative and Supported Education (CASE).

CASE - Single Step

CCBC’s CASE - Single Step provides students with academic, pre-vocational, social and independent living skills. Students leave the program prepared for success in college study, employment and adult life.

Students’ development is supported through:
  • Basic skills instruction specifically designed for special learners
  • 6-1 student teacher ratio
  • Community-based field trips
  • Interactive learning activities designed to connect learning with students’ real lives, goals, and communities.
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Enrollment Requirements:
  • On-campus interview and assessment
  • Tuition must be paid before classes begin

For more information on CASE - Single Step courses and to schedule an interview:
  • Contact the CASE - Single Step Program at 443.840.3262, or
  • Email an inquiry with your contact information to Program Assistant, Jennifer Cabana, at jcabana@ccbcmd.edu or Program Coordinator, Rakeah Glass, at rglass@ccbcmd.edu.

CASE - Agency Contracting

The Center for Alternative and Supported Education (CASE) works directly with agencies serving adults with developmental, emotional, and physical disabilities. For more than 40 years, the Center for ACCESS has contracted with agencies to provide classes at agency locations as well as the three main CCBC campuses.

If your agency does not currently work with CCBC, please contact us so that we can discuss the possibilities.

CASE - Agency Contracting offers over 30 classes to agency clients/students including:
  • Basic academic skills (e.g., math and reading),
  • Job skills and vocational readiness, self-discovery and expression (e.g., art therapy, music therapy, sewing, pottery), and
  • Life skills (e.g. basic living skills, community living skills, computer skills, decision making, anger management, stress management, analytic skills and decision making).

To arrange classes for your organization and for more information, please contact:
Michael Tan

*The Center for Alternative and Supported Education (CASE) does not provide open enrollment classes for which individual students can sign up. See CASE - Single Step for individual enrollment classes.