Rama Sawalhi
CCBC Honors Student, Student Ambassador
Human Services Counseling

Seventeen years after graduating high school, Rama Sawalhi decided to take the plunge and start college. But with three children, Rama needed an affordable school close to home that enabled her to balance her life as a student and as a mother.

“Classes at CCBC are very flexible, and that makes it easy for nontraditional students like me who have other responsibilities,” she said. “And it’s also very affordable, which is important because I have children who attend college as well.”

Rama, who is a Human Services Counseling major, is a part of the CCBC Honors program, which offers a wide variety of academic scholarships and guaranteed admission into any of the four-year universities in the state of Maryland after graduating from CCBC.

“The Honors program allows me to network with faculty and staff from all of the CCBC campuses,” said Rama, who works part-time in the college’s Admissions Office.

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The best part about CCBC is that it’s a very diverse environment made up of people who are very helpful, respectful and tolerant. They are the reason why a lot of students grow, improve and discover themselves.”

Rama is also a member of the Philosophy Club, Ethics Bowl debate team, a Student Ambassador and represents the college as part of the CCBC Fresh Faces team. After graduating from CCBC, she would like to transfer to a four-year university to pursue her bachelor’s degree and become a school guidance counselor to help as many children as she can on their educational journey.

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CCBC student Rama Sawalhi