Abby Duffy
CCBC Student, Communication and Media Studies

Abby Duffy is a 2020 Mount De Sales Academy graduate who planned to attend University of Maryland College Park in the fall. Duffy looked forward to the excitement of moving into her dorm, meeting new friends and starting classes towards her degree in Business Administration. But that all changed with COVID-19 and the uncertainty surrounding what the college experience would look like in the fall.

“A big perk of attending College Park for me is their large, vibrant community,” said Duffy. “I felt that with already having lost my high school graduation experience, I wouldn't want to lose part of the college freshman experience as well.”

With the possibility of online classes on top of increased stress levels about health and safety, Duffy opted to delay her studies at UMD and instead enroll at CCBC for the upcoming academic year. As a dual enrollment student at CCBC during her senior year of high school, it was an easy transition.

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My experience with CCBC thus far has been stellar, and I'm now open to pursuing a degree at CCBC before enrolling in a four-year university,” said Duffy. “CCBC's programs allow me to pursue a part-time job while affording a college degree, and the safety of a smaller community college campus alleviates any stress I had about living in the dorms.”

Duffy now plans to stay at CCBC to earn an associate degree in Communication and Media Studies and transfer to UMD the following year to work towards her bachelor’s degree.

“Though this was an unforeseen change in the college plans I had prior to COVID-19, I believe attending CCBC is an opportunity to help me be even more successful when I attend University of Maryland College Park in 2021,” said Duffy.

CCBC student Abby Duffy