Apply for CCBC scholarships and grants

We work to ensure individuals from a variety of backgrounds, with an array of talents, interests and challenges, can realize the benefits of a CCBC education.

Our friends in the community support CCBC's mission of providing accessible, affordable, high-quality education by contributing generously to scholarships that help many students attend CCBC.

Before you apply for a grant or scholarship:

step 1 iconKnow your CCBC student ID number

This ID number was assigned to you when you applied for admission to CCBC. If you do not remember your ID number, contact the Admissions office.. If you have not yet applied for admission, apply now and you will receive your student ID number. Then complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

step 2 iconKnow your program of study

Visit SIMON to check your program of study. If you need to make a change, complete this Change of Student Information form and return it to the Enrollment Services Center. Scholarships are linked to your program of study so it is very important that this information is correct. Make sure you meet financial aid Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) requirements.

step 3 iconRegister for classes

To be considered for any scholarship or grant, you must be registered for classes when you apply. After completing the steps above, apply for a CCBC scholarship or grant. Each scholarship and grant may have a different requirement. Be sure to read and understand the criteria and submit the requested documents.

Important information:


Scholarships and grants have varying dates. Please check AcademicWorks for other deadline dates.

Award Notification

  • You will be notified by CCBC email approximately 15 business days after the application closing date if you are selected.
  • If you are not selected for an award, you will not be notified. You may check the status of your grant or scholarship application in your AcademicWorks account.
  • Any awarded scholarship may require a thank you note. Your scholarship will NOT be applied to your account until a typed, thank you note is submitted through your AcademicWorks account.
  • CCBC reserves the right to adjust or cancel your scholarship or grant at any time if it is determined you do not meet the qualifications.

Saying Thank You

Scholarships are funded through the generous contributions of donors and sponsors. If you are the recipient of a scholarship, you are expected to write a letter of thanks as your scholarship acceptance. You simply accept your scholarship and upload the thank you letter into your AcademicWorks account. No need for a stamp or envelope!

Tips for writing a thank you letter:

  • Be sure to include the correct and full name of the scholarship you were offered in your letter.
  • Check for grammatical and spelling errors - always proofread.
  • Be sure to sign the thank you letter and print your name under your signature.
  • Try to include these topics in your letter:
    • How the scholarship has assisted you in pursuing your education.
    • Your program of study at CCBC.
    • Why college is important to you.
    • Organizations in which you participate.
    • Volunteer work.
    • Current or future internship participation.
    • Your future education and/or career goals.

Contact Us

Email the Scholarships Team with any questions!