Book Credit

If you have any financial aid available after your tuition and fees charges are applied, you may have credit available at the bookstore.

The bookstore credit begin and end dates can be found in the Financial Aid Calendar. You can view your bookstore availability through your CCBC OneCard, during the bookstore credit period. You may also view your bookstore credit amount in your SIMON account.

Follow these instructions to view available book credits:

  1. Access CCBC OneCard
  2. Login using your CCBC username and password (myCCBC, SIMON, email, and Brightspace credentials)
  3. After logging in, click on the Financial tab
  4. Click on Balances
  5. Under Balances, FA Book Credit with a Limit and Amount column should be listed.
    • If the amount is $0, you do not have a book credit available to you.  At that time, you may contact Financial Aid with any questions.  

Other reminders

  • When visiting the Bookstore during the book credit period, bring your photo ID or CCBC ID
  • If you need additional funds above the authorized limit (including a laptop), please provide documentation to the Financial Aid Office. If your books are not available by the last day of the book credit period, you may contact the Bookstore manager and pay for the book using your book credit. When the book arrives, you may show your receipt and pick up your book.
  • Your bookstore credit eligibility can be found in your SIMON account before the bookstore credit period begins.  Once the bookstore credit period begins, you can view your balance and bookstore charges in your CCBC OneCard account.
  • Our bookstore can price match with other retailers.
  • Be aware of the Bookstore refund policy.  If you drop your classes, and you use your bookstore credit, you will still be responsible for those charges.

 Book credit calculation:

Credit/Billable Hours Book Credit Amounts
12 or more Up to $715
9-11 Up to $605
6-8 Up to $500
1-5 Up to $275

    Emergency Book Allowance

    Please contact the Financial Aid Office for information regarding the availability of funding.