Campus Alert

Campus Alert is a free messaging service for the CCBC community that keeps you posted when any part of the college is experiencing an emergency, or when the college is closed for any reason.

It might be bad weather, a regional power outage or campus-based emergency, such as a fire. Campus Alert is a smart and convenient way to get the news and stay safe.

Although CCBC does not charge a fee for the service, a local mobile phone carrier may charge for the phone call or text message, as your specific contract allows.

Campus Alert is an opt-out program for students and employees

If you are a currently enrolled student, or a current-full time or part-time employee, your contact information is automatically transferred from the college contact database (SIMON) to Campus Alert on a weekly basis.

You will no longer receive Campus Alerts if you have graduated, completed your coursework for the semester, or left college employment.

You can also opt-out now in SIMON to stop receiving Campus Alerts. You may not opt out of email messaging.

Campus Alert relies on current contact information

It is your responsibility as a student or employee to update your contact information in SIMON as soon as the information changes. Most critical is your mobile phone number, which will provide the most efficient means of getting a text message to you during an emergency. If you are a CCBC employee, do not use your CCBC work or office phone number. Campus Alert will also send you an email and voice alert (phone call) depending on the type of emergency. Your information will not be shared with anyone outside CCBC.

What information will Campus Alert send?

All alerts are college-wide
Because CCBC is a large institution with 3 campuses and 3 extension centers, and many students and employees move among locations, Campus Alerts are sent to all students and employees, even if the emergency may be limited to one or two campuses. Each alert will describe the nature of the emergency (such as smoke in a building) and a suggested course of action (such as evacuate without delay).

Alerts contain description and advice for action
After providing a brief description of the incident, Campus Alert will provide you with advice that pertains to most campus occupants, such as a suggestion to evacuate, hide or shelter-in-place. This advice is only that: advice.

Your action should be based on conditions at the scene. In other words, if you are advised (via an alert) to evacuate a building, but the threat is nearby, you may have to take a different course of action and hide from the threat. In the case of a reported Active Shooter, you will be told to “Take Run, Hide, Fight action”, as you feel is appropriate.

Timely Warnings
In accordance with federal law, alerts may include Timely Warnings regarding reported crimes that have been confirmed by Public Safety, and represent a significant and ongoing threat to the college community.

If I am not a current CCBC student or employee, may I opt-in to Campus Alert?

Yes! If you are a parent, community member, college contractor or other acquaintance of CCBC, who wishes to receive Campus Alerts, you can opt-in to Campus Alert.