Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning + Resources

Committee for LGBTQ+ Advocacy, Support and Inclusion (CLASI)

CCBC's CLASI is a college-wide committee made up of diverse faculty, staff, administrators, and other employees working toward fulfilling CCBC’s pledge to “welcome, respect, and embrace the differences and similarities of our employees, our students, and the communities we proudly serve. We acknowledge the richness of diversity and the dignity of all persons.”

CLASI promotes awareness of LGBTQ+ issues, and to provide strategies, methods, and educational opportunities to the CCBC community in order to create a more inclusive, welcoming and supportive environment.

Executive Committee:
Jennifer Skarzinski: Co-Chair: jskarzinski@ccbcmd.edu
Rakeah Glass: Co-Chair: rglass@ccbcmd.edu
Christine Dubowy: cdubowy@ccbcmd.edu
Patricia Quintero-Hall: phall@ccbcmd.edu
Morgan Slusher: mslusher@ccbcmd.edu


Best Colleges
BestColleges.com created an LGBT Student Guide.

Which include:
  • A list of ten things to look for when searching for LGBTQ-friendly colleges.
  • Organizations, resources and legal rights information for LGBTQ students.
  • A list of six expert interviews with leading LGBTQ advocates in higher education.

Additional Scholarship Information

Resources for LGBT Athletes
The following online resources provide information, videos, encouragement and advice for creating and supporting an athletic environment supportive of LGBT athletes.