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Rent CCBC Facilities

CCBC has a variety of spaces at each of its three campuses and its three extension centers that are available for rent to the general public.

Whether you're planning a small meeting or a large community event, we invite you to come and check out our facilities, which range from cutting-edge, technology-enhanced classrooms and meeting rooms to theatres and athletic fields and courts.

Facilities & Rental Rates

Facility Rental Rates

Space Description Cost
(All CCBC locations, any size including computer labs)
  • $60 per hour, 3 hours or less
  • $55 per hour, greater than 3 hours

Space Description Daily Rates Half-day Rates

Conference Rooms
CCBC Catonsville
Barn, Upper Level, Room 100
Seats: 130 Lecture style, 108 banquet style with 12 round tables

Barn, Lounge, Room 005
Seats: 60

Health Careers and Technology Building, Room 205
Seats: 132 Classroom style

Hilton Center Bistro, Room 108
Seats:24 with 6 tables

Hilton Center Pullen Room, Room 205
Seats: 10-12, sofas and chairs

Hilton Center Salon, Room 212
Seats: 14-20 around conference table

Student Services Center, Room 004
Seats: 150 Lecture style; 126 banquet style with 14 tables

CCBC Dundalk
College Community Center, Room 115
Seats: 32

Staten Multi-Purpose Room, Room 102
Seats: 120 Lecture style; 80 banquet style with 10 round tables

CCBC Essex
Administration Building, Room 110
Seats: 30

Robert and Eleanor Romadka College Center, Room 107
Seats: 18

Robert and Eleanor Romadka College Center, Room 123
Seats: 40

Extension Centers
Rates vary depending on request; contact room schedulers for room specifications and rental rates.

$400 $225
Seats: 264 Catonsville; 275 Dundalk; 275 Essex
$440 $285

Lecture Hall
Seats: 219 (Essex only)
$300 $195
Recital Hall
Seats: 109 (Essex Only)
$400 $260

Seats: 300-340 (Meeting rate includes general lighting, microphone and lectern only)

$1200 $780
CCBC Catonsville
Center for the Arts, Lounge, Room 100
Seats: 130 Lecture style; 108 banquet style with 12 round tables

CCBC Dundalk
College Community Center, Room 226
Seats: 112 Lecture style; 88 banquet style with 11 round tables

CCBC Essex
Romadka College Center, Upper Lobby
Seats: 220 Lecture style; 176 banquet style with 22 round tables
$500 $275

(Main Arena)
(Catonsville, Essex)

(Catonsville, Essex)

Racquetball Court
(Dundalk Only)
$110 $70

Baseball Field $195 $125
Softball Field $150 $95
Multi-Purpose Field $280 $180
(Artificial Turf)

$875 $565
Swimming Pool $590 $380
Tennis Court
(per court)
$175 $110
Parking Lot
(as an event site, priced per parking space)
Courtyard and Patios $300 $175

Equipment Rental Rates

All rates are daily unless otherwise noted and for use on-campus only.

Equipment Description Daily Rates
LCD Projector $250
Lectern w/microphone
Marley Dance Surface $100
Piano - Grand or Upright
Based on availability
Note: Piano rental may incur technician hours for moving and setup.
(tuning fee)
Powered speakers w/microphone $75
Screen $50
Stage Lighting
Note: Stage lighting includes general lighting in current standard configuration. If the event requires special lighting, a lighting design fee, separate from the hourly charge, will apply, to be negotiated with the designer.
Wireless Microphone $10
(per mic)

Support Staff Rates

Support Staff Hourly Rates
Athletic Technician $28
Building Supervisor $35
Custodian $34
General Services $36
Groundskeeper $36
Theatre House Manager
Note: If the event will have an audience of 75 or more, a House Manager is required.
Lifeguard $15
Maintenance Engineer $48
Pool Operator $25
Public Safety Officer $36
Technical Director/Theatre $75
Technical Support/Theatre $25
Technology Technician $65
Video Production Services Available upon request

  • User must guarantee a 4-hour minimum for all support staff. The college may add a minimum of ½ hour for set up and tear down.

  • Catering needs:
    • Please contact Maria Flanagan at mflanagan@ccbcmd.edu or 443-840-1770 with Sodexo Caterers for menu planning and pricing for your event. Sodexo Catering has first right of refusal for all catering needs held at CCBC’s main campuses.

  • External for-profit groups that charge admission or fees for attendance may be assessed an additional fee to be collected by the college based on revenue generated from the event.

Request a Table Display

Promote your service or product to the CCBC community by renting a table at one of various high-traffic locations on our main campuses.

Learn more »

Making Requests for College Facilities

To begin the process of securing space:


60 Days

At least 60 days prior to the event, if the user would like to serve beer or wine, a written rationale must be sent justifying why it is appropriate for this event.
(If approved, at least 15 days prior to the event the user must submit to the Registrar’s Office Event Scheduler a copy of the Liquor License issued by the Baltimore County Liquor Board.)

25 Days

At least 25 business days prior to the event, the user must submit an Event Reservation Request, along with a certificate of insurance, if required, as noted in B6 of the Guidelines, and verification of status as a business organization or non-profit as noted in C1 of the Guidelines.

15 Days

At least 15 business days prior to the event, the user must return signed Agreement for Use of CCBC Facilities with full payment of estimated costs. Any additional fees incurred must be paid within 30 days of the event.

10 Days

If the College receives written notice of cancellation at least 10 business days prior to the Event, the College shall refund all amounts paid by the User minus any costs incurred by the College.

Less than 10 days

If written notice of cancellation is received less than 10 business days prior to the Event, the College may retain 10% of all payments by the User to the College.

Please make special note that an additional form or email request must be submitted if you check either of the following when completing the Event Reservation Request:
  • Do you plan to serve food?
  • Do you plan to serve alcohol?