Intermediate Spanish I-GL

Develops cross-cultural communication and global citizenship through the acquisition of reading, writing, listening and speaking skills in Spanish at an intermediate level. It provides connections to other disciplines and cultures through the study of Spanish and develops an awareness of the cultural contributions and socio-political contexts of diverse, often underrepresented groups throughout the Spanish-speaking world. Topics related to local and global diversity provide the context through which language skills are taught and learned. Communicative competence at an intermediate level is emphasized, and learning is supported by instructional technologies.NOTE: Course offered fall, spring, and may be offered during additional sessions.

  • Prerequisite(s) : WLSP 102 or two years of high school Spanish.
  • Credits: 3
  • Cost: $118/billable hour + fees (in county)

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Spring 2018 CCBC
CRN Register Seats Days Times Date Location
24368 Register 21 MW 5:45 - 7:10 PM 1/29/2018 - 5/20/2018 Catonsville HUMN 103
21933 Register 20 TR 11:10 - 12:35 PM 1/29/2018 - 5/20/2018 Essex TBA
22119 Register 12 - 1/29/2018 - 5/20/2018 Online