Is a student being disruptive?

As a faculty member, staff member, or student, are you concerned about a student and his/her behavior in your classroom or elsewhere?

If so, then you need to fill out the Student Incident Report. This is not necessarily a punitive action, but perhaps one that can be helpful in preventing similar behaviors in the future. If there is anything that concerns you about any student’s behavior, then we strongly encourage you to fill out the report.

Please be assured that:
  • All reports are confidential.
  • You will receive acknowledgement that the report has been received and that appropriate action will be taken.

What are the advantages of filing a report?
  • Student behaviors will be tracked. A behavior occurring in your class or any place on campus may be occurring in other classes or in other locations on campus.
  • Concerning behaviors can be identified. These are behaviors that are inappropriate or unusual.
  • Immediate threats will result in immediate action.
  • A distinction can be made between a behavior that warrants immediate attention and one that requires an intervention plan for the student.

Your support of this process will result in a more civil environment in which learning can take place. Also, the expectation of appropriate behaviors by students in this learning environment will be reinforced. Together, we can ensure a safe and supportive learning environment.